MyADHD is an information hub to raise awareness of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder through all stages of life. It’s a supportive community for those affected by ADHD, to help increase understanding of this often misjudged condition and give individuals with ADHD the guidance they need to achieve their full potential. Here’s what members of the MyADHD community have to say.

This is a wonderful platform to raise more awareness.


Thank you very much. I always feel like this topic is taboo and it’s nice to talk to people going through the same issues.


I realised I need to do things differently to make them work for me – and this has made me a better and more creative entrepreneur.


I’ve taught myself (individuals with ADHD) think differently and thus will react to things differently, so I must be patient with (their) way of doing things – it will still be done, just not my way.


We’ve had positive feedback from the teacher because now he’s actually focused on his school work for the whole day. He’s very happy and can’t stop talking about how he doesn’t get ‘ants in his pants’ anymore. He’s had no major side effects (from medication) and is still himself.


Once I learnt to accept that I could use my ADHD for creativity and fresh ideas, I began to see myself differently. Through medical treatment and the support of family and friends, I’m really beginning to live my best life.