Boys with ADHD will be successful boys

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has long been perceived as a ‘boys will be boys’ childhood disease that hyperactive and daydreaming boys simply needed to grow out of. In the past, parents and teachers were often misinformed about ADHD and generations of children were often left undiagnosed and untreated.

As a young boy growing up with ADHD, your hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity might have landed you in the lazy, naughty or not-so-bright box. Carrying these labels into adulthood is likely to have had a damaging impact on your self-esteem. Constantly being unable to concentrate at work might even have costed you several jobs along the way.

In highly structured workspaces, the behavioural, cognitive, emotional and social challenges of ADHD can have a detrimental impact on your career and the level of success you achieve. With the right treatment of methylphenidate-based treatments in particular, men with ADHD can drastically improve their focus and relationships at work.

The untapped potential of your ADHD
When channelled properly, many ADHD symptoms can become tremendous assets in the workplace. Passion and drive in the workplace is contagious and the high energy levels of men with ADHD can inspire and motivate others to excel. Impulsivity can be turned into a spontaneous willingness to take risks or try new things.

Individuals living with ADHD are able to think outside the box and provide a uniquely different perspective. The racing mind can connect unlikely dots and offer alternatives others would not have considered. Research suggests that some individuals with ADHD may become hyperfocused – an intensely focused mind that only breaks concentration when the job is done.

With the right treatment, guidance and opportunities, men with ADHD can harness their untapped potential to reach their full potential and flourish in the modern workplace.

The growing demand for ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers
The business landscape is volatile and cutthroat competition compels companies to seek out competitive advantages in unexpected places. The modern workplace needs energetic innovators that can swim upstream and challenge the status quo.

Vastly different from past perceptions of ADHD in the workplace, many once-misdiagnosed ADHD men now have access to a world of possibilities. The emergence of new careers for men and the removal of gendered stigmas in various industries create opportunities for men with ADHD to flourish.

Creative roles in media and advertising require fresh creative ideas, lateral thinking and unconventional ways of working, which are an ideal outlet for ADHD-related energy, creativity and spontaneity. The rapidly growing field of software development and coding require hyperfocus and is an ideal role for men with ADHD.

There are many roles that depend on an endless supply of passion, energy and the ability to take risks. From an entrepreneur to a teacher, will see to it that courage and high energy levels are put to good use – not to mention the sense of personal achievement and fulfilment along the way.

From isolated cubicles and nine-to-five hours to vibrant open-plan offices and flexi-time, the modern working environment is changing in favour of the needs of men with ADHD who struggle to maintain a routine. Less rigid office hours will allow those with ADHD to work during the evenings and early mornings when concentration is at its optimum.

Take action to strengthen your self-esteem
There is renewed hope for men who once struggled with low self-esteem as a result of ADHD, even when diagnosed later in life. The modern workplace offers greater flexibility and more opportunities for men with ADHD to not only give outlet to their ADHD behaviour (without the reprimand), but to add value and achieve success in the process.

Consider how you can apply these characteristics in your work setting. Your self-esteem will be strengthened one small but success step after another.